Blue Moon Specialty Foods

Blue Moon Specialty Products was founded by Chris Walker after decades of experimenting with foods and flavors. Chris & his wife, Mary Pat, grow plants from seed, harvest them and then transform the raw foods into sauces, spices and spreads. Blue Moon sells their most popular spice, YEP! Shake, as well as an array of different barbeque sauces, buffalo sauces, marinades and hot sauces every week at the market.

Blue Moon SC


Product List

Sauces Spices Spreads Other
Mojo Criollo Caribbean Marinade YEP! Shake Original Pimiento Cheese Quiche
Yeller Dog Greek Shake Jalapeno Pimiento Cheese Mac & Cheese
Carolina Twang Fajita Shake Mixed Olive Pimiento Cheese Vegetable Sides
Cajun Red Cajun Seasoning Blue Cheese Pimiento Cheese Soups
Gold River Buffalo Sauce Parmesan Paprikash Salsa Fresca Voodoo Chutney
Muddy Creek Red River Buffalo Sauce