Greenbrier Farms


Greenbrier Farms believes if you give back to the land, the land will give back. They raise clean grass and soil rid of herbicides and pesticides. That in turn feeds their animals and fertilizes their garden. That then turns into a delicious tomato sandwich or an unforgettable steak, all the while never stripping away from the land, harming the animals or compromising your health. Their garden yields seasonal greens, vegetables and herbs as well as a variety of beef, chicken and pork cuts.

Greenbrier Farms


Product List

Salad Mix Head Lettuce Spinach Arugula Turnips Spring Onions
Swiss Chard Beets Carrots Boc Choy Cabbage Winter Squash
Cauliflower Broccoli Kale Potatoes Leeks Green Beans
Fennel Cilantro Dill Basil Zucchini Summer Squash
Wax Beans Cucumbers Watermelons Okra Tomatoes Cherry Tomatoes
Peppers Sweet Corn Blueberries Muscadines Sweet Potatoes Kohlrabi
Eggplant Eggs        
Salsa Chicken Pork Beef