Herb & Earth: Home Grown, Hand Made, Healing

Herb & Earth aims to provide a luxurious, restorative bath and beauty experience using organic ingredients derived straight from our healing source- earth. Herb & Earth uses as many local ingredients as possible, including goat milk, beer, wine, honey, beeswax, herbs, vegetables, fruits and more.

Soaps Bath Salts Sugar Scrubs
Body Butters Lotions Chapsticks
Lip Balms Healing Salve Barefoot Balm
Eye Cream Anti-aging Facial Moisturizers Facial Scrubs
Insect Repellant Bath Bombs Bath Teas
Bath Malts Deodorants Tooth Powder
Toilet Spray Facial Masks Salt Scrubs
Dog Paw Salve Room Spray Foundational Powder
Liquid Foundation Finishing Powder  
herb and earth men's soap
herb and earth products
Various Herb and Earth products in a gift package