Merciful Hearts Farm

Merciful Hearts Farm is a family farm producing free-range eggs & fiber items, including yarns & feltwork. Their birds live among the sheep, goats, cattle & donkeys. They shear their own sheep & use only the best of fleeces. This tender-hearted family has adopted many animals that others see little value in & that need extra care & love. Deb writes & hands out a weekly farm story & also helps folks make their own friendship bracelets with a special twist.

Product List

Free Range Eggs Handspun Yarns Hand Painted Yarns Natural  Colored & Dyed Yarn
Felted Soap-in-a-Coat Felted Flowers Felted Vessels Felted & Knit Cat Toys
Needle Felted Creatures Needle Felted Wool Kits Wool for Crafters Hand Dyed Feathers
Hand Woven Items Hand Knitted Scarves & Hats Hand dyed silk scarves Felted Wool Dryer Balls
Hand Felt Small Goods Garlic Garlic Scapes