Split Creek Farm

Split Creek Farm specializes in award-winning farmstead goat cheeses, goat milk fudge and goat milk yogurt. Production has grown from the original four-gallon vat batches in 1988 to the current 150-gallon vat operation. Their certified goat herd produces all the milk used for its cheese and fudge and competes nationally in the show ring and for milk production records. Herd health and the ultimate quality of the dairy products are the primary concern of the owners.

Split Creek


Product List

8+ Flavors of Fromage Blanc Chevre in Oil Feta in Oil Goats Milk
6+ Flavors of Chevre Logs 4 Flavors of Fudge 3 Flavors of Goat Milk Yogurt Feta Dry Wrap
5 Flavors of Cheese Ball Feta in Brine Cookbook Goats Milk Soap
Goat Milk Lip Balm      
jars of goat cheese
goat cheese in pile