Reedy River Farms

At Reedy River Farms, we grow high quality vegetable produce on a one(1)-acre plot less than a mile away from the center of Downtown Greenville. Being so close to town has its advantages: we are able to provide the most nutritious and flavorful food possible to our local food outlets and restaurants. To overcome the disadvantage of working on a small land base, we utilize every square foot of garden space by growing intensively and building soil organically to produce the highest quality of fruits and vegetables available. By reducing or even eliminating transportation energy and pesticide use, we are taking the first step towards a more sustainable food system.

Reedy Rivers Farm


Product List

Lettuce Greens Kale Collards
Turnips Radishes Swiss Chard Corn
Beets Carrots Mustard Greens Potatoes
Cherry Tomatoes Patty Pan Squash Spinach Cut-flower bouquets
Okra Peppers Basil Pea Tendrils
Eggplant Dill Cilantro Green Beans
Flower Bouquets       
Large field of green plants
row of colorful red plants
Green plants