Whispering Pines Farm

At Whispering Pines Farm, they have horses, cows, sheep, goats, puppies, chickens and ducks. They have a horse riding program, farm tours and birthday parties as well as an onsite Farm store. They also have a cheese making facility on their farm. Their goats are Saanen goats which look like snow white angels and have a low fat content with a mild light taste as well as some very healthy tasty cheese. Their cheeses have won National competitions, as well as their dairy products such as their Kefir which is very healthy with a great sources of probiotics. Their Sheep milk yogurt and plain sheep milk is packed with more protein than cow or goat milk and has the same quality of easy digestion for those with lactose intolerance and a sweet creamy taste.

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Product List

Sheep Milk Cheese Sheep Milk Sheep Yogurt Kefir
Goat Milk Cheese Goat Milk Lamb Meat  
Cheese logs with herbs
Cheese wheels
Packaged Cherry Cheesecake